Puddle of Mudd first conquered modern rock airwaves back in 2001 when their major label debut record, 'Come Clean,' hit stores. The band was discovered by Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst after he fell in love with their demo. The problem was that by that point, singer-guitarist and songwriter Wes Scantlin was all that was left of Puddle of Mudd.

Durst believed in Scantlin and his songs so much, that he brought him out to Los Angeles and signed him to Geffen Records. "When I got settled in California, Fred introduced me to so many people in the industry and opened a lot of doors for my career. Without him helping out at that point in my life, I don't know if we'd be talking today," said Scantlin during an interview with Noisecreep about their upcoming covers album, 're:(disc)overed.'

From there, both musicians set out to find the right players to fill out a new version of Puddle of Mudd. "We finally got the right guys in the lineup and then we recorded 'Come Clean' with [producer] John Kurzweg," remembered Scantlin. The album went on to sell close to five million copies. "The success of that album changed me in some ways that weren't cool. It's the same old story. I went from being broke to all of a sudden becoming a millionaire. I started acting like an a--hole. I'm in such a better place now. It's much different from being in a closet with a bong in my hand and a torch in the other."

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In 2004 Scantlin shredded Durst in an interview with Chart magazine. "People think he writes music with me or something. He does not do that. I just don't get it. We have nothing in common. He doesn't even call us. He has his assistant call us to congratulate us on our record. Yeah, that's how pathetic he is,' said Scantlin at the time.

Noisecreep asked the Puddle of Mudd star if he regretted trash-talking Durst in a public arena. "Do you know what we fought about? It was over a song we were recording for one of our albums. He wanted me to change the structure in a certain part or some s---. I had already recorded it like 6-7 times by then and I wanted to get back on the road. He said some stuff in the press and I have too. I think it's all in the past now."

In January of this year, Durst Tweeted that he wanted to work with Scantlin again and was asking his million-plus followers if they knew how to get in touch with him. When Noisecreep asked Scantlin about this, he told us it was the first time he'd heard about it. "I don't even own a computer, let alone know how to use Twitter. If he wants to get in touch with me, he can call. It's that easy."

Scantlin does seem to want to re-connect with the Limp Bizkit singer. "I learned a lot from that guy. No one knows how to get a crowd as amped as Fred does. He's a master frontman. I've always been a huge fan of Limp Bizkit and I still listen to them. I remember when their last record came out [2005's 'The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1)'] the president of Geffen Records gave me a box of CDs of it. I played that thing all the time – it's great!

Limp brought such a different energy and attitude to what they did. I'm glad to see they're back with the original lineup and touring again. I hope we can get past this stuff and be friends again."

Puddle of Mudd will be releasing 're:(disc)overed' on August 2nd. The all-covers album will feature songs originally recorded by AC/DC, Elton John, Bad Company, and Neil Young, among others.

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