Everything and anything can be monetized for a good cause. Protest the Hero guitarist Tim Millar is shaving his 19-month-old beard and auctioning off some of the whiskers for Walk for MS, a charity for multiple sclerosis. Last time we checked, the eBay auction was up to 5 bids at nearly $115, with $10 economy shipping. Millar has done this sort of thing before, so apparently it's working and is worthy of a repeat engagement.

Fans can donate to Walk for MS here.


"I figured my beard has accumulated some value over the 19 months it has accompanied me on my journeys," Millar told Noisecreep. "Throughout that time, many people have asked to touch it, stroke it, or see if it's real. Now they have the chance to own it. Also, MS is a disease that has affected another Beard Team Canada member and close friend so I'd love to help raise money to get closer to a cure."

Millar is the founder of Beard Team Canada, which celebrates Canadian beards. He will be posting personal photos, including the play-by-play of the removal process as well as his post-beard look on the team website, which you can bookmark to monitor Millar's progress.

Protest the Hero's 'Scurrilous' is out now.

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