"We played a show ... got pretty drunk. And they f---in' filmed it. That's our DVD," Protest the Hero vocalist Rody Walker told Noisecreep about the Canadian band's DVD, 'Gallop Meets the Earth,' due out Sept. 15.

The DVD is a two-disc set, with an audio CD from a headlining show in Toronto last December -- which was recorded in HD, 5.1 Surround Sound. Apparently, not many music DVDs boast such high quality sound.

"We had a snow machine and confetti cannon, and the two bonded in mid-air, creating some kind of paper mache that made it very difficult to play. Hence, our poor performance," Walker also said, with his tongue jammed firmly in his cheek.

Of course he was kidding. There were no snow machines or confetti cannons, and the performance wasn't actually piss poor, either. Have to love the self-deprecating, Canadian-metal-tinged-with-prog bands.

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