Protest the HeroProtest the Hero just finished up headlining the annual SnoCore tour across their homeland of Canada, but the entire time frontman Rody Walker has been keeping Spinner up to date with a tour blog. So what should we expect from the travels of the prog metal band with a smile? Well, learning not to leave the stage to head to the bathroom of course. You know, real guy stuff.

"I woke feeling strange this morning -- maybe it was the ridiculous amount of booze I've been consuming recently or maybe it was the submarine sandwich prepared by the disgruntled employee," Walker writes, describing the beginning day eight of the tour. "Either way, something was wrong and I would have to wait to find out."

After an afternoon of drinking and catching up with an old friend Walker has to take the stage, and that's where the question get's answered, what happens when you're on stage and you just can't hold it.

"From the very instant I got on stage my stomach felt of rot. In fact, so much so that before the last two songs I excused myself from the stage to move my bowels to the rhythm of the beat. When I returned to the stage some big fat slob had my microphone and was screaming at the audience while the rest of the band hurled blunt objects at his back.

"After the set I felt poorly and removed myself to the hotel where I sprayed ass all night long. I now have a burning ring of fire and a belly full of Pepto Bismol."

Today the final update from Walker runs on Spinner. Protest the Hero head back to the States at the end of the month for some dates on their way to the Bamboozle festival in New Jersey.

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