"I believe Prong's songs are applicable to the format of powerhouse, cutting edge remixes." Tommy Victor, the voice and guitar, of Prong told Noisecreep. It seems almost unsettling, like there is something wrong with this world, because it's taken this long in Prong's 22-year career for a remix album to be released. The thick riffs, the dissonance, the long pauses and the unwavering rhythms all have been prime for a remix sound, and now on May 12 'Power of The Damn MIXXXer' will be released by 13th Planet Records.

'Power of The Damn MIXXXer' is a volcano swelling remix of Prong's previous album, a rather dusted over gem, 'Power of The Damager'. The ones behind the knobs on this are a cavalcade of metal and industrial heavy hitters like Rob Caggiano of Anthrax, John Bechdel of False Icons (a former member of Prong, Killing Joke, and Fear Factory) and Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

This whole record came about through friends wanting to remix Prong songs. "I was approached by guys like Virus from Dope and JS Clayden from Pitchshifter to remix songs." Tony says. "So then I reached out to others I respected and knew would have the correct approach to Prong's material. The word got out about the project, and other great producers, deejays and engineers responded, wanting to submit their work."

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