As the latest Legacy of the Beast in-game collaboration, Iron Maiden have partnered with German power metal group Powerwolf to introduce a new character for a limited-time.

In Maiden's mobile game, users select their most powerful team, each character being of various class types and equipped with stat-boosting talismans, to pit against a group of foes in turn-based RPG combat. The range of playable characters is ever-expanding and previous band collabs have roped Amon Amarth, Lacuna Coil, Ghost and Disturbed into Eddie's world.

Now, in a limited-time event dubbed 'Macht Der Wölf' (German for 'Power of the Wolf'), the Vârcolac character, plucked from the storyline of Powerwolf's latest album, Call of the Wild, will be unlockable from April 11 at 8PM ET through May 11 at 8PM ET. Players can earn the free character by logging in for a total of seven days to receive Vârcolac and bring the new figure into battle.

Starring in Legacy of the Beast is an impressive cherry-topper for Powerwolf, who had already secured an opening slot for Iron Maiden at two German shows this year.

“We were breathless and stunned when we saw the first iteration/scene of the game featuring our Vârcolac," began Powerwolf frontman Attila Dorn, "And most of all we couldn’t wait to play it ourselves!! when I was a young kid listening to my Iron Maiden tapes all day, I would have never dreamt of playing the same stage one day. Being invited to support Iron Maiden with my band, is there anything more a metalhead could dream of?”

"Iron Maiden's songs and melodies are immortal," added guitarist Matthew Greywolf. "The neat combination of melody and heaviness is still as revolutionary as it was when first heard Maiden at 11 years old, I was truly fascinated by it, and I still am!"

Keyboardist Falk Maria Schlegel continued, "I would say Bruce Dickinson is my major MAJOR influence in all that I’m doing onstage with my whole performance... still a great inspiration, so thank you, Bruce!"

Just as excited over the collaboration, Navigator Games CEO exclaimed, "The fans and players have been absolutely thrilled to see their favorite bands partner with Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast. Over the past year our players have kept hinting at Powerwolf. We hope they’re pleased to see Powerwolf’s iconic mascot bought to life on this epic adventure!"

View a video trailer to see Vârcolac in action and to hear about the impact Iron Maiden's music has had on the members of Powerwolf.

The Legacy of the Beast game is free to download through Apple's App Store and Google Play. Head here to play and catch Iron Maiden on tour worldwide and these dates. As for Powerwolf, they've got a vivid live video release, The Monumental Mass - A Cinematic Metal Event, coming out on July 8.

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