Japanese power metal group Lovebites have returned with a single from their upcoming third studio album, Electric Pentagram. The female metal warriors shot their new video for “When Destinies Align” in 4K, flaunting their sonic might in an airplane hangar.

Lovebites have made quite the impression on metalheads in recent years, taking home Best New Band at the 2018 Metal Hammer Golden Gods and supporting Dragonforce on tour in the U.K. Their most recent album, Clockwork Immortality, also peaked at No. 23 on the Billboard Japan Hot Albums chart.

“Lovebites is an electric pentagram,” says bassist Miho. “A pentagram is a five-pointed star consisting of five lines. It’s been an emblem that’s adorned amulets and talismans since ancient times as a symbol of protection. That's why we felt Electric Pentagram is the perfect title for this album, we are five points brought together to protect heavy metal."

“When Destinies Align” balances dynamics between power metal and pop metal, brandishing the classic might of power metal giants while retaining the charm of modern acts like Babymetal.

Check out Lovebites’ new video for “When Destinies Align” below. Electric Pentagram will be released Jan. 31, 2020.

Lovebites, "When Destinies Align"


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