The enigmatic pop-rock singer Poppy, who also dabbles in heavy metal music, seems to be creatively cleaning house just two months after she released her latest effort, October's Stagger EP.

The 27-year-old entertainer, who first came to prominence through a series of bizarre YouTube videos and subsequently recorded industrial metal tracks such as 2019's "Bloodmoney," has now wiped her official Instagram account completely clean of content except for one lone, creepy teaser video.

See the video down toward the bottom of this post.

In the succinct black-and-white clip, which was posted to Instagram on Dec. 12, Poppy appears to be laying in a coffin with her arms folded over her chest, as the NME pointed out. She mouths a few unintelligible words as a disembodied voice screams something at the same time.

The caption on the teaser reads, "this is the dress I want to be buried in…… x"

It was only a year ago that Poppy shared equally mysterious videos on social media. Starting in December 2021, the singer posted a series of three non-musical teasers — "Glass," "Blow Away" and "Dessert"— that seemingly pointed to a new artistic era for the entertainer.

Is this weeks's creepy teaser a sign of another creative change for Poppy? What do you think Poppy is up to now? The singer's latest studio album, Flux, arrived in 2021; it includes singles such as "Her" and the title track. Watch the new Poppy teaser video directly below.

Poppy Creepy Instagram Teaser Video - Dec. 12, 2022

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