Rammstein first announced a North American stadium tour in early 2020, with a slate of shows set to launch in late summer of that year. The pandemic stalled these plans, but, at long last, Germany's industrial metal gods are finally venturing across the Atlantic Ocean and these photos from their European run this year will fill you with even more anticipation than a two-year wait already has!

Any Rammstein show is a massive case of "expect the unexpected." Anyone with a pulse likely already knows that the band's stage production is unrivaled and is perhaps the largest display of pyrotechnic stunts in human history. The fact that it's all a coordinated effort in conjunction with a musical concert experience makes it all almost impossible to perceive, yet comes with the immediate understanding that nothing else in the world quite like this exists.

The stage itself has the appearance of a small city when looked at from afar and it takes more than 60 hours for a crew to build it.

As seen in the photos below, several columns are placed within the stadium, all of which send swaths of flames high up into the sky above while, onstage, frontman Till Lindemann and his cohorts take turns executing daredevil stunts without missing a note performance-wise.

Whether it's roasting keyboardist Flake in a massive cauldron that takes the brunt of Lindemann's flamethrower while the band plays their cannibal anthem "Mein Teil," setting a ridiculously large baby carriage on fire during "Puppe" as a demon-creature baby spews a tar-like substance from its mouth engulfing the stadium in black confetti or the infamous penis cannon that douses the crowd in foam as "Pussy" plays out, it's the most welcome sort of sensory overload any music fan could want.

Since Rammstein first announced their stadium run in North America, they've released another entirely new album, Zeit, with two of the tracks serving as the opening for the show. If you loved the untitled record from 2019, rest assured the set is still rife with plenty of those songs as well with several all-time hits to round out the freshest material.

View photos from Rammstein's 2022 concerts in Europe directly below. See all of their North American dates and get tickets at this location.

Rammstein Live in Europe (2022)

See photos of Rammstein's incredible and incredibly dangerous live show from stadiums across Europe in 2022.

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