Philip Anselmo has come under heavy fire in 2016. The frontman's racist actions at this year's Dimebash event have caused turmoil for him as well as his sludge outfit Down, who were pulled from multiple festivals following the incident. Now, the Pantera legend has scheduled a special event that will be held in Louisville, Ky., where an interview and question and answer session will take place.

Booked for June 26 at the Diamond Pub Concert Hall, Anselmo will sit down for a 60 minute interview which will then be followed up by a 30 minute question and answer session. The event is for ages 18 and over and ticket purchase will include a meet-and-greet, photo op as well as a signed poster. Brad Sabbath is listed as the special guest and the flyer boasts a disclaimer that the event is not a concert.

The singer infamously bellowed "White power!" and threw a Nazi salute after performing the closing song, a cover of Pantera's "Walk" at Dimebash in January. Anselmo has since issued multiple apologies, leading the second statement by declaring, "Every citizen in this entire world has the unalienable right to live with dignity and respect without hate or oppression. And I mean this, with all of my crushed, yet, guilty heart."

Down was pulled from the FortaRock festival, a hometown show was canceled, the French government threatened to withdraw their funding of Hellfest if Down remained on the bill (Down subsequently withdrew) and Anselmo has even gone as far as suggesting his bandmates move on without him.

Amidst this controversy, Anselmo has released the first single from his new black metal outfit Scour. "Dispatched" is one of six tracks off the forthcoming self-titled EP, due July 15 on the frontman's own Housecore Records.

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