The first rule of cat pants gang is: wear your damn cat pants. The second rule of cat pants gang is: look fabulous in your badass cat pants.

A new revolution has emerged in the world of metal, with Pantera / Down legend Philip Anselmo and virtuosic Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman leading the movement. Over the weekend, the duo posed for an amazing photo in cat pants. Why? Because they can.

Both Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals and the Dillinger Escape Plan performed at the legendary U.K. Download Festival on June 15. A ton of great bands played that day, but when you're on tour, you've got to kill time in whatever way you can, so why not start a gang? The Crips wear blue, the Bloods wear red, the Latin Kings wear black and gold… all the good colors are already taken! So when Anselmo and Weinman chose to create their own gang of hooligans, cat pants became the uniform.

Ben Weinman posted the amazing photo on his Instagram page:

So far, Anselmo and Weinman are the only known members of the cat pants gang, but we're desperately hoping to see more musicians join up soon. Steel Panther immediately come to mind. Fingers crossed.

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