On Feb. 13, Extreme Noise Terror co-vocalist Phil Vane died at the age of 46. No official cause of death has been reported by his management or family. On their official website, the band posted the following statement:

"The rumors are true. We're sorry to announce that Phil passed away recently. The band will make a full statement soon but for now we need to take the time to come to terms with this terrible loss."

Vane had co-founded Extreme Noise Terror in Ipswich, England back in 1985. Playing a speedy style of hardcore influenced by the likes of Discharge and Anti Cimex, the sextet quickly became a favorite act in the so-called crust punk scene. Through word of mouth and a slew of albums and EPs, ENT then found an audience with the burgeoning grindcore movement which fell in love with their to-the-point lyrics, thrashy rhythms and anti-authoratative attitude.

In 1997, Vane briefly replaced Mark Greenway in Napalm Death, but he never recorded with the band. Since then, ENT have kept a steady routine of touring and recording, with their most recent album, 'Law of Retaliation,' hitting stores in 2009.