If bassist Rex Brown doesn't stop drinking soon, his former Down and Pantera bandmate Phil Anselmo says, he could be headed for an early grave.

In an video interview with High Times magazine, Anselmo reveals that booze was behind Brown's split with Down earlier this year. The singer, who himself has struggled with substance abuse, says that his efforts to help Brown sober up have been unsuccessful.

"I gave it my all, and I love Rex Brown with all of my f---ing heart and soul," he says. "But, goddamnit, he will not put down that f---ing bottle for any of us."

"He is, and has been told, he is going to die," Anselmo adds. "I'm gonna tell you this: He's not gonna die on my time, because he ain't drinking around 'The Kid.' Straight up. And that means he can't be around right now, 'cause he's f---ing drinking. And that's that. That's that f---ing story in a nutshell. And that's it -- that's the only rift between me and Rex; other than that, we're f---ing best friends."

While Brown appears to be going strong with his new group, Kill Devil Hill, he suffered acute pancreatitis in 2009 and had to sit out a Down tour. As the website Metal Insider points out, the combination of heavy drinking and prior health issues could be taking more of a toll than it seems.

Watch the High Times Interview With Phil Anselmo