Dutch death metal legends Pestilence will once again infect US metal fans on July 19, when their sixth album 'Doctrine' is released via Mascot Records. The album was recorded in Germany and offers up 11 tracks of forward-thinking death metal. While the record isn't a concept album in the traditional sense, the lyrics do discuss humanity's suffering under the weight of political and religious issues.

"I always put a lot of effort in the lyrics," says vocalist-guitarist Patrick Mameli. "I never felt the need to write 'gore' lyrics, like so many other bands do. I am aware of what is going on in the world and I have the feeling that I have something to say about it."

Pestilence landed on the scene in 1986 and built up a rampant following in death metal circles. The band split in 1994 and reformed in 2008. They released 'Resurrection Macabre' in 2009 and are now tossing fans a grenade known as 'Doctrine,' which features the band's eight-string guitar work.

The track listing for 'Doctrine' is as follows:

01. 'The Predication'

02. 'Amgod'

03. 'Doctrine'

04. 'Salvation'

05. 'Dissolve'

06. 'Absolution'

07. 'Sinister'

08. 'Divinity'

09. 'Deception'

10. 'Malignant'

11. 'Confusion'

Watch the video for 'Devouring Frenzy'

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