All has been quiet in the Jane's Addiction camp and has been pretty much dormant in the Porno for Pyros camp for quite some time. But that appears to be changing, as frontman Perry Farrell has checked in with an update detailing his recent creative burst, which includes material for both projects as well as his PerryEtty Vs. outfit.

At present, Jane's Addiction are promoting their 'Live in NYC' live album and video companion, which is bridging the gap until their next studio record. The extra time is allowing Farrell the ability let the creativity take him to whichever project he likes at any given time, which should result in a bevy on interesting pieces.

His work update posting, which also features a beach photo with a giant turtle and a bikini clad beauty, can be read below:

My 2 Favorite People To See. This summer has been so far gratifying. I have been active recording Jane's Addiction, Porno For Pyros, and PerryEtty Vs. songs. There is nothing more gratifying to me than making a beautiful song. A song that people will fall in love with. They should be lovesick to hear it again. That's how I feel about the songs as they are being born. In the meanwhile I have been staying close with 2 of my favorite people, and expanding my mind in nature. Drawing song from ether and water.

Early this year, Farrell explained that he was working on what he called "an immersive theater project" for Jane's Addiction. He stated that he had written upwards of 60 songs, but that not all of the material was for Jane's. He also stated that Jane's and his electronic solo record were taking priority over Porno for Pyros, but that he still hoped to reunite the band and work on new material at some point.