Djent progenitors Periphery continue to evolve their sound, now more than a decade into their career. With the release of Periphery III: Select Difficulty set to arrive on July 22 through Sumerian Records, the band has unleashed the energetic new song "Flatline."

The progressive metallers have offered a stark contrast to the hyper-aggressive album opener "The Price Is Wrong," sticking with the churning grooves, but with a heightened sense of catchiness brought on by Spencer Sotelo's dual-threat delivery. From harsh shrieks giving the rhythmic punch an edge, he mixes it up with gleaming highs, entering pop punk realms at times, ultimately giving Periphery more elements to work with as they continue to push the genre they helped create. Towards the end, somber aspects enter the fold, building to a sweeping chorus that sees "Flatline" to its end.

Guitarist Jake Bowen commented on the forthcoming record, stating, "For the past couple of years we’ve been refining our collaborative process as a band and we feel that it’s only getting better with the completion of this album. We spent two months writing songs that are not only representative of the Periphery sound but also reflect where all of us are as musicians, working together has helped us tread new ground musically and creatively."

Periphery have been on quite a tear lately, releasing the double album, Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega last year. The albums, although a double albumwere released as independent discs, reaching No. 22 and 25 on the Billboard 200 chart respectively.

Fans can catch Periphery on their headlining run which begins on Aug. 4 in Raleigh, N.C. rounded out by SikTh, Chon and Toothgrinder. Pre-orders for Periphery III: Select Difficulty can be placed here.

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