Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno was not psyched by a fan shouting current (and most beloved) singer Bruce Dickinson's name repeatedly at his show in the Ukraine on Nov. 13. He was so pissed, in fact, that he even threatened to fight the heckler. Can you say "Cranky?"

According to Blabbemouth, and fan-filmed footage of the show, Di'Anno, who was replaced by Dickinson in 1981, grew increasingly incensed by the heckling. The "fan" apologized for his actions, but Di'Anno insulted his manhood and called him "gay" and threatened him with force. "I'm sorry, I didn't say I was a nice guy. You fuck me up, I'll kick your fucking ass," he barked.

After leaving and then returning to the stage, Di'Anno, 54, compares himself to Dickinson, saying, "I'm sorry, I'm a bit bigger than Bruce Dickinson and I fight like a motherfucker." Yes, Paul, that may be true, but do you fly commercial planes like Dickinson does?

It's quite a spectacle and certainly not a flattering look on Di'Anno's part.

Di'Anno pleaded guilty to benefit fraud in 2011 where the singer reportedly scammed British taxpayers out of more than $67,500.

Watch Di'Anno antagonize the fan below. But you will need to carve some time out of your day for it, as it goes on for nearly 20 minutes. Drama, drama, drama.

Paul Di'Anno Lashing Out at a Heckler