Parkway Drive

Australia's hottest metalcore export, Parkway Drive, are gearing up for the June 29 release of their new album, 'Deep Blue.' In honor of the upcoming record, they've released a trailer clip from the sanguine-soaked video for 'Sleepwalker.'

In the vid, the lead character appears drenched in blood -- or just corn syrup substituting for platelets. It's like a horror story and a blockbusting, apocalyptic film set to a teeth-gnashing song.

"It took a hell of a lot of time and effort, so it's awesome to see it come out looking so good," vocalist Winston McCall told Noisecreep. "The song and the clip are definitely related in concept. The idea behind the clip was basically a city trying to consume its population, which ties in with the lyrical content of the song, although in a much more literal sense than intended."

For the vid, the band elected to go big. "We wanted to steer clear of the standard 'band playing live spliced with random storyline of person running away' clip," McCall said. "Instead, we just wanted to create something that had feeling and intensity to it that, above all, was entertaining. When we started this clip, we had just finished the DVD so we tried to continue the relative DIY work flow and decided to do as much of the clip ourselves as we could."

McCall wrote and story boarded the concept and gave it to band friend of Aaron Briggs, who is a CGI guru. "We basically said, 'Can we do this?'" McCall recalled. "He said yes, and we hired a camera and Aaron and I shot the whole thing. Then he went to work with his team to create the mental stuff. All in all, they spent approximately 1,000 hours on the CGI work."

The band chose a black and white color scheme "because we liked the feel and thought it would make the clip stand out way more. Some of the effects are done using a mixture of syrup, chocolate and food dye; others are CGI. Good luck picking which is which. Also the clip contains 'acting' from my dad. Legend," McCall said.

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