Michael Jackson's teenage daughter Paris reacted to some wiseass comments Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx made about the late singer on the third anniversary of his death.

The sarcastic comments were made on the Sixx Sense, the bassist's syndicated radio show. Paris' reaction prompted Sixx to extend an olive branch, inviting her to appear on his show as a peace offering.

The little Jackson, 14, showed her moxie, tweeting about Sixx, posting: "Heyy quick question dude - and this is coming from a huge fan of motley crue - but why do u feel the need to hate on talented ppl?"

So she's a Crue fan? How cool is that? Even cooler is the fact that she stuck up for her late father's memory and wasn't afraid to call Sixx out on comments she felt were offensive.

Jackson and Sixx engaged in a Twitter discussion, and he responded to her tweets, posting: "Hello parisJackson. My snarky humor and sarcasm sometimes gets the best of me. I sincerely apologize to you and your family. God Bless." He also revealed that he direct messaged her on the site.

She accepted his apology, and he followed with an invite on his show. He posted, "If ya ever wanna come on SixxSense and talk about what YOUR working on would love have you on."

We hope that Paris take Nikki up on his offer. She did accept his apology, and we'd love to hear from her on Sixx's show.

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