Despite the tumultuous year Ozzy Osbourne has had, he's not ready to give up yet. A few days after the release of his latest feat, Ordinary Manthe Prince of Darkness says he will absolutely play live again — to stop is not an option.

"I desire to get back on stage. I'm not ready to hang up my mic yet. That's what I live for — to do shows," Osbourne assured Good Morning Britain. The legendary rocker exercises frequently with trainers, does pilates, gets massages and receives care from nurses often.

"The best medication I can get is being in front of an audience, which is breaking my heart, to be honest," he admitted. He also stated that he will perform live again. "Absolutely. I will be up there, I have to say that."

Sharon Osbourne, who sat by her husband's side during the interview, believes he will be able to perform again as well.

"[Stopping] is not an option," Osbourne chimed in. "I have to do it. That's the only thing I've ever done in my life. That's the only thing I've ever wanted to do. That's the only thing I've felt confident about that I can do it."

Osbourne is aware that eventually, his time will come and he will have to stay off the road. "You have to have a goal," he explained. "And if whenever the man upstairs wants to say it's over, I've gotta keep on trying until I've exhausted every avenue."

Until then, we can expect to hear another new album from The Godfather of Heavy Metal pretty soon, as he plans to begin recording another one soon. Watch the full interview below.

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