BlaskoHow many cool gigs can one man have? When he isn't playing bass for Ozzy Osbourne or orchestrating Heavy Metal Karaoke in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for winter 2010, Blasko is busy managing bands and doing marketing for Affliction Clothing.

"There's no sleep for me," Blasko told Noisecreep. "I'm playing in bands and creating silly things like Heavy Metal Karaoke and working for clothing companies. I work for Affliction, doing a marketing sort of thing. I am more or less the music liaison in terms of getting them with dudes who can wear the clothes and vice versa. It's like presenting them with people to wear the clothes in my world."

He also manages In This Moment, the Casualties, All Shall Perish and Intronaut, which is a fluid endeavor that doesn't prevent him from doing things like, say, tour with Ozzy! The digital age keeps him plugged in and clued in! "Ozzy is working on a record and is planning on putting it out, and then we'll be going on tour," he said. "I can do everything, management-wise, while on the road. As long as I have a cell and a laptop, I am always accessible. It's Ozzy, so my responsibilities aren't meet and greets and interviews. That's what he does. It's my job to be on stage and kicking ass."

As for his recent verbal dust up with Eddie Trunk over what he perceived as Trunk's disparaging comments about his boss, Blasko politely declined to comment any further.

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