Ozzfest may have gone away, but it never really goes away, does it? It pops back up for one-offs and limited runs, reminding us of its former glory. Turns out that the once annual tour, which was immobilized by the Rock Star Energy Drink Mayhem Fest, is giving it another go, this time in Japan. The festival is set to head to the Far East on May 11 and 12 of 2013. If you've got a lot of frequent flyer miles, cash 'em and go head bang on the other side of the world. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne always curate one helluva show, even in truncated form. [Metal Insider]

's Walk EP will be released via vinyl on Nov. 6 via Rhino. It's six tracks and while it was released in digital form earlier this year, fans of the classic format will be able to enjoy it in a pure audio format. It will be pressed on red and black swirl vinyl and it is a true collector's item, as the extremely limited pressing will top out at 2500 copies. There are millions of Pantera fans, so these are sure to be gobbled up and on the quick. It was be available for purchase at Hastings and FYE locations [ThePRP]

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Somebody has a temper and it's Bullet for My Valentine. The Welsh band is due to release the new single "Temper Temper" on October 30. It will be available in digital format. The band will release a new album in early 2013 and we cannot wait for that one to hit our desks and our ears. [Via Press Release]

frontman John Baizley was incredibly frank in a the second part of a recent interview discussing the band's near-death experience and the severity of the injuries sustained in a van accident over the summer. The singer opened up about his daily rehab and how once-simple tasks like opening a bottle of water had to be re-learned. He also revealed that had his arm injury been any worse, amputation was a possibility. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the band as it recovers. [Loudwire]