With California recently passing Proposition 8, which eliminated the state's previous allowance of same-sex marriages, it made sense to allow LA metal goddess Otep, who identifies as a lesbian, to weigh in on the topic. While eyeballs-deep in the recording process for 'Smash the Control Machine,' due out on Victory later this year, the politically informed, well-spoken singer chatted with Noisecreep about this hot-button issue.

"It's disappointing and it's a bit frightening in some ways," Otep said. "The government should be able to protect against majority rule discrimination against minority classes. If they can legislate what they consider, and I cannot stress that enough, that they consider a preference, what is to stop them at that particular preference? What if they decide they want to make laws regarding religious preference? What if they decide that someone in Wyoming in a government office can no longer hold their job because of their religious beliefs? Religious beliefs are a preference, too."

"I don't believe it's anyone's business to say one way or another about how a citizen can find happiness or share his or her life with another adult citizen," Otep said. "It's hypocritical that one of the largest opponents of gay marriage in this state was the Mormon church. They have battles for what they consider marriage equality, so to try and dictate to another group of people what is right in marriage when they themselves decry discrimination is wrong. The idea that people can get together and legislate what they consider a preference, which I don't consider a preference, is unnerving. I hope people see this about individual freedom and liberties."

Despite her informed and impassioned views on the subject and that she is a gay woman, Otep is happily unhitched. "I have no interest in being married," she said. "I'm a happy single woman. If it was legal now, I would have no plan on getting married, but I see the injustice in gays not being able to get married and that needs to be corrected."

Otep has also set up a live webcam from the studio where fans can view the recording process.

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