America's most cartoonish family is finally getting its own cartoon. As Loudwire reports, the Osbournes -- rocker Ozzy, wife Sharon, daughter Kelly and son Jack -- will return to television via the magic of stop-motion animation. The show's title: 'The F'n Osbournes.'

The iconic Black Sabbath frontman and his wacky fam became media darlings in the mid-'00s, when they starred in their own MTV reality show. For this latest venture, they'll lend their voices to a 20-episode series produced by the Toronto animation company Cuppa Coffee.

"Teaming up with Cuppa Coffee has spawned a great opportunity to produce a unique animated prime-time show," said Sharon. "I've been excited about animating our often crazy lives for a while now."

Sharon and Jack will each nab a production credit, and next month, the show's creators will attend the MipTV conference in hopes of gaining financing for the project.

While Sharon promises "a radical and humorous new spin on our family," she's quick to point out that it's not family viewing.

"Although it is a cartoon, it's certainly not one for little kids," she said.

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