An assailant opened fire during a death metal show at Marquis Lounge in San Bernadino, Calif., on Sunday (April 24). The attack left one person dead and four injured, according to Blabbermouth and Lambgoat, which each issued reports based on newscasts from the Los Angeles stations NBC 4 and CBS 2.

Crawling Through Tartarus, an L.A. death metal band, were reportedly onstage as the attack occurred. When San Bernardino police arrived, they found one gunshot wound victim dead, the department said. Three others suffering gunshot wounds were transported to the hospital; a fourth drove themselves, amounting to five shooting victims overall. On Monday (April 25), police said the surviving victims were in stable condition.

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The shooting took place around 9:30PM PT at the bar and venue in California's Inland Empire, about an hour east of Los Angeles. Crawling Through Tartarus vocalist Matt Holzboog was hit in the attack and underwent immediate surgery on a wounded leg.

A Facebook user and apparent friend of the band named Matt Berg wrote on Monday, "Prayers for my boys in Crawling Through Tartarus after a violent shooting during their set. … Matt was hit by two rounds and is dealing with surgeries now. Make sure you send lots of love their way." Berg included images from the hospital, which can be seen below.

On Tuesday (April 26), Crawling Through Tartarus offered a further update on their Instagram Story. "[Holzboog] had his second surgery this morning that lasted 3 hours, and it went really well," said the person who appeared to be Holzboog's wife. "There was talk about needing a third surgery in the future."

They added, "The doctor [said] how fast everyone reacted to help Matthew made a huge difference on him not losing his leg Saturday night."

The shooting remains under investigation, and no suspect or motive has been made public. The deceased was later identified as James Dickson.

Hear some Crawling Through Tartarus songs under the videos.

Reports About Shooting at Death Metal Show

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