Christian metalcore band Oh, Sleeper's latest album, 'Son of The Morning,' is based on the concept of the Devil versus God. Noisecreep asked Texas-based frontman Micah Kinard to name some other epic battles. With some help from his bandmates making suggestions in the background, he came up with these:

'Iron Chef': "There are some pretty intense battles on the Food Network. You can't watch 'Iron Chef' and not get into it. That's something they're going to write about years from now."

Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West: "I'd have to side with Taylor on that one."

Trojans vs. Spartans: "One of my favorite battles was the Battle of Troy and 300 Spartans at Thermopylae. That's epic too."

Geico vs. Nationwide: "They hate each other."

Apple vs. PC

Rush Limbaugh vs. Barack Obama: "That's a pretty epic battle."

iPhone vs. Blackberry Storm

North vs. South: "That's always the case."

Texas vs. the World

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