Oh, Sleeper's opening song and title track 'Son of the Morning' is written in the voice of Satan, says the metalcore band's frontman, Micah Kinard, and the Daniel Davidson-directed video is "greatly inspired" by the lyrical content.

"He throws out a challenge to God, telling him that now is the time to make his rise, and the way he's going to do it is through all God's fallen children," explains Kinard. "It also touches on the different background of how Lucifer got the name."

Kinard sent the lyrics to Davidson -- the former drummer/filmmaker for Christian post-hardcore band Norma Jean -- and had a few lengthy phone conversations with him, where he detailed the concepts behind all the lines. "He just ran with it and came up with that whole Satan's minions making Venus, and then rising it up to the sky, and it bursting open and killing everything," says Kinard.


The video shows the band -- Kinard, guitarists Shane Blay and James Erwin, bassist Lucas Starr and drummer Matt Davis -- performing in a cave-like setting underground -- Hell -- while an animated storyline takes place involving various industrious creatures. It's filled with references that Kinard has known from his Bible studies and other research, including how Latin scholars referred to Venus (The Morning Star and Evening Star) as Lucifer (light bringer), because it can't be seen in the dark of night.

"We want to put something out there that someone can continuously dive into and and keep finding things out," says Kinard.

Oh, Sleeper shot the video for 'The Finisher,' which closes the album, at the same time, using a different set but the same look.

"Right where this video leaves off is where 'The Finisher' picks up," says Kinard. "It's the continuation, the sequel."

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