"This album would not have been possible until this point in our career," Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton theorizes about his band's latest and greatest, 'Wrath,' which he feels combines elements of all the band's previous efforts into one monstrously metallic wrecking ball.

"It has all the elements from when we were Burn the Priest forward and sort of weaves them all into one piece. If you listen to 'Contractor,' there's a slow, sludgy, doomy part that's straight up Burn the Priest-style to me. Even 'Reclamation,' to a degree, has that 'New American Gospel' landscape, when we were changing riffs at every turn and not coming back to that first riff. The song is like a Lamb of God timeline from start to finish and it's not typical. I think there is a piece of every record that we've weaved into the fabric of 'Wrath.'"

Morton also told Noisecreep that the he and co-guitarist Willie Adler are still able to surprise one another, five albums deep into their career. "What's unique, from a guitar player and songwriter perspective, is that we have managed, for the first time, how to incorporate clean and acoustic guitars and arrangement and melody without making things sound light. It adds to the heaviness and darkness. We figured out how to include those passages and still keep it heavy."

Not many bands can lay claim to doing new things together fifteen years after first working together, but Lamb of God have it down pat. Morton said, "That's a big deal. To be this far along, to not be struggling to put some songs together and instead feeling this momentum and enjoying making music and trying new things 15 years into the process? That is the most exciting part. At this stage, a lot of bands plateau or go on autopilot and we're not there at all." Lamb of God hit the road April 2, spreading the gospel of New American Metal to the masses.

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