The 'Come as You Are' sign will remain as it is, and Nirvana fans are no doubt thankful! The sign welcoming visitors to the town of Aberdeen, Wash. will continue to feature the words 'Come as You Are' on it. Any self-respecting rock fan knows the phrase is a reference to the popular Nirvana song and lyrics from the 'Nevermind' album.

A vocal minority of fans of Nirvana and late singer Kurt Cobain rallied to keep the words on the sign, sending over 300 emails after it was reported that the words would be dropped from the aging sign entirely when it is replaced. The campaign worked, since officials in the city of Aberdeen have decided not to follow through with their plan to ditch the statement.

Cobain, who died at 27 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Seattle in April 1994, grew up in Aberdeen and was a native son. His words were added to the sign in 2005 after the tenth anniversary of his death. The phrase was not only fitting, but it also immortalized the singer, who changed the face of rock 'n' roll in the early '90s.

Grunge Report (via the Associated Press) confirmed that Mayor Bill Simpson announced the good news at last Wednesday night's (June 12) City Council meeting. The current sign will eventually be replaced with a fresh one, but thankfully, the words will remain, well, as they are.

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