The calm before the storm is an apt description for 'Find My Way,' a Nine Inch Nails track was performed last month at Japan's Fuji Rocks Festival. The track surfaced again in its full studio form on Zane's Lowe's BBC radio show.

In recent interviews Trent Reznor discussed the link between 'Hesitation Marks' and 'The Downward Spiral.' Although both efforts feature some of Nine Inch Nails' more melodic outputs, Reznor's rage has been channeled into a more subtle, yet equally compelling, creative avenue. 'Find My Way' exemplifies Reznor's continued growth and decision not to resort to old tricks. Although Nine Inch Nails' existential mood continues as Reznor sings, "Now that you've gone away / I'm just trying to find my way," the song doesn't build into a techno drenched crescendo but instead delivers its narrative in an understated fashion.

Fans who order the deluxe edition of 'Hesitation Marks' will also be treated to the track 'Trent Reznor In Conversation With..' which has the frontman detailing the creative process for the album. Much of the project's foundation required Reznor taking an even handed look at his past to fully process the artist he is today. This introspection bleeds into the mood, as well as the moniker, of Nine Inch Nails' album.

"This time that process included thinking about who I used to be," said Reznor in the conversation track, which is an iTunes exclusive. "And what's taken place between then and now. And how I feel differently about things. How I've changed internally. There's a lot of reflection on this record and I'm pleased how things have turned out."

The Reznor of today is also extremely forthright even in the face of disagreement. After Soundwave Festival promoter AJ Maddah criticized Nine Inch Nails for turning down a slot on the 2014 Soundwave Festival Tour, Reznor took to Twitter to give the following response: "Australia: we love you and we're coming. Didn't feel Soundwave was the right vibe for us or our fans -- working on a better scenario."

The true question is whether Reznor's deeper introspection will continue to strike a chord with his loyal fans. A portion of 'Trent Reznor in Conversation With' can be found below, so click on the Soundcloud clip to hear Reznor talk about the themes behind 'Hesitation Marks.' The album comes out Sept. 3.

Listen to a Portion of 'Trent Reznor in Conversation With...'