Nikki Sixx doesn't just use his Twitter account to diss fellow rockers. Sometimes, it's an instrument for good. Last week, the Mötley Crüe bassist tweeted a link to the Kickstarter campaign recently started by Paul Brown, a filmmaker and longtime band associate hoping to raise $44,000 for a short film called 'Shoot'er.'

While Sixx undoubtedly wants to help his friend, he has added incentive for supporting the project. If Brown reaches his target by March 15, and the project gets off the ground, the rocker will make his acting debut -- not counting the Kia commercial that aired during last night's Super Bowl -- and play an "adulterous scoundrel."

It won't be much of a stretch, in other words, but Sixx is nevertheless excited.

"Paul Brown who does all CRUE's videos and photo's is doing a short film..Lets help out.I am," he tweeted.

The director is offering backers various perks, depending on the level of contribution. For $5, the minimum amount, you get your name in the credits. Fork over $10,000, and you get a co-producer credit, a photo shoot at Brown's L.A. studio, and all of the other goodies -- signed scripts and archival prints, Skype chats, etc. -- offered to folks at lower price points.

As of Monday morning (Feb. 6), 41 people had pledged a total of $1,806.

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