That the spark of the idea for the hugely popular symphonic metal band Nightwish came to Tuomas Holopainen around a campfire back in 1996 is no surprise when one learns about his love for the outdoors, and for how he harnesses the effects of nature into his art. But the passionate and intense keyboardist/composer is also inspired by the work of Walt Disney, and so Noisecreep thought it would be fun to take Holopainen to Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort when the band recently played in Anaheim, Calif. on Oct. 5.

After all, Holopainen had not visited the famed California resort for a number of years and with the recent opening of the magnificent Cars Land in California Adventure, it only seemed natural to allow the Nightwish mastermind to experience the latest and greatest attractions that have had visitors buzzing for months since they opened.

So Noisecreep picked the keyboardist up at his hotel and spent the afternoon experiencing some of the new attractions (including Luigi's Flying Tires), and a couple of Holopainen's favorites (most notably the California Screamin' roller coaster and Soarin' Over California flight simulator).

Throughout the day, Holopainen shared with us just what it is about the vision of Walt Disney that inspires him on such a deep level. As you'll hear him describe in the video below, he's also in the midst of a new solo project that is directly inspired by one of his favorite Disney stories. He even keeps a guesthouse in Finland that is filled with his own collection of Disney artifacts and memorabilia, a hobby he has had since he was a little boy.

For all of the reverie toward Disney, as Noisecreep learned firsthand, Holopainen remains a kid at heart, who stares in wonder and seems to absorb every facet of what is happening around him while visiting Disney; the music, the characters, the design - everything. He's a dreamer's dreamer after all; in love with the intangible "magic" he referred to more than once throughout the day and never afraid to express his enthusiasm for both the Disney land and brand.

Watch Noisecreep Hang with Toumas at Disney

After riding the Radiator Springs Racers, which is themed to the world created in the Disney-Pixar film Cars, Holopainen gushed about how impressed he was not just with the ride, but also with the jaw-dropping environment that surrounds the ride – a wildly realistic desert scene-scape that conjures up another one of his passions – the great American road and old Route 66.

Photos of Nightwish's Tuomas Holopainen Hanging at Disney California Adventure


All in all it was an amazing day for us spent in an amazing place with one of our favorite artists.

Once we delivered Holopainen back to the venue, we settled in and waited for what we expected would be a typically thrilling Nightwish show.

Charles Epting
Charles Epting

We cannot stress enough - you do not want to miss Nightwish if they are playing in your area.

After the concert, Noisecreep re-connected with Holopainen and we expressed once more how much we enjoyed the day at the park and how breathtaking we found the Nightwish show.

"Seven days ago, she knew none of this," he said, wide-eyed, referring to the sparkling performance of new singer Floor Jansen. "Then you see a show like tonight and it is just like magic."

You have to believe him. After a day spent with Holopainen at Disney California Adventure, it is clear that this is a man who truly understands magic when he sees it, but more importantly, when he feels it.

Nightwish U.S. tour dates:

October 10th – Emos – Austin, TX
October 11th – House of Blues – New Orleans, LA
October 13th – Revolution – Ft. Lauderdale, FL