Nightwish are planning to finish out 2016 on a high note, playing a 20th anniversary show and issuing a new DVD before taking some time off. In a new interview with Kaaos TV (seen above), keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen lays out the band's plans for the remainder of the year.

The band is set to play at Himos Park in Jamsa, Finland on Aug. 20 for their anniversary show, though Holopainen states that it's not being billed as such. "There will be a couple of little surprises there," states the keyboardist, adding, "It's gonna be a good night." However, the unofficial 20th anniversary show is not expected to make the final cut for their forthcoming DVD, as the band is already in the final stages of putting that release together.

"The aim is to release the DVD before Christmas this year," says Holopainen. "So everything that's gonna be included on the DVD — I cannot reveal the specifics just yet — but everything has been filmed. And I was just doing the video editing yesterday all day, and it's looking pretty good."

After the DVD's release, the band intends on taking 2017 off, but the keyboardist reveals that if music strikes him, he'll get it down for when they regroup. "The idea is just to give myself and give the whole band a well-deserved breather for a year," says the keyboardist. "It's a peculiar feeling, because throughout the 20 years, I've never felt like this, that you really, really need to step away for a while. And it's not really fatigue — it's not like we're burning out or anything — it's just the inspiration or the passion of starting to do a new album, it's just not there. And we are fortunate enough to be in a position that we can actually take a year off, and that's a huge privilege for us. So we're just taking advantage of that."

Nightwish's most recent album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, was released in March of 2015. They do have a handful of festivals left in 2016, including an appearance at Heavy Montreal in August, as well as a European tour in September. See their current tour dates here.

In other Nightwish news, there is apparently a new Nightwish documentary in the works organized by the band's fans and crowdsourced at Yie, Finland's national public broadcasting company. The film was shot by the fans themselves and documents the fan devotion toward the Finnish rockers. "We received videos from fans in 50 countries," reveal directors Kaisa Alenius and Harto Hanninen. "The survival stories of the fans and their studies of the Finnish language finally led us to understand how tremendously important the band is to their fans." The documentary, To Nightwish With Love, will premiere on Aug. 20 and will be shown in Himos, Finland coordinating with the band's unofficial 20th anniversary show. To find out more, click here.

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