Nightwish singer Floor Jansen released a new solo single on Friday (March 25). The intense, piano-driven number, titled "Fire," also has a music video.

And there's more coming soon. Nightwish fans can expect a full solo effort from the lead vocalist of the Finnish symphonic metal act who first went solo onstage in the Netherlands in 2021. She later confirmed her in-the-works album, now evinced with "Fire." Previous Jansen solo singles include last year's "Dangerous Game" and "Oblivion."

Listen to "Fire" down toward the bottom of this post.

Jansen tweeted early Friday, "Depending on whether it is past midnight in your timezone, you can now listen to 'Fire'!!! But this is just the start. … The music video will premiere and I will be streaming live right after! Join me then! In the meantime, stream 'Fire'!"

After recovering from gallbladder removal last year, Jansen told the podcast Breaking Absolutes that she first started working on solo material at the start of the pandemic. She also said she aimed to balance her solo work with Nightwish and her personal life.

"I've been working on a solo album," Jansen explained. "Or let's say a little bit before that when the solo career [started] in the Netherlands. And it really kickstarted my own creativity that I haven't really been able to use over the years. It's nice that it gets out."

She added, "I would like to do more of that and actually finish that album and make those steps and find a way to combine a solo career with Nightwish and my life."

Nightwish's latest, Human. :II: Nature., arrived in 2020.

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Floor Jansen, "Fire" (Music Video)

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