It's been ten years since the tragic death of Pantera legend Dimebag Darrell, and on this anniversary, a number of rockers are sharing their thoughts on the talented and larger than life musician.

Loudwire recently had a chance to talk with Nickelback, who not only had a chance to share some good times off stage with the guitar great but also to record with Dime as well. Brothers Mike and Chad Kroeger shared their recollections, which demonstrate not only his playing ability, but also his personality.

Bassist Mike Kroeger laughingly recalled, "He tried to euthanize us with alcohol, I remember that. I ran away." He went on to add, "There was something heroic about that guy, awesome guitar player, great dude -- all the things you hear are true. He did like to pour a bunch of booze down people's necks who couldn't handle it and just watched it go. His thing was 'Watch it go!' That was his deal. He was going to watch me go but luckily he didn't get to watch me go because I ran like hell to my bus. But Chad had an entirely different experience."

Frontman Chad Kroeger recalled, "The last time Dime and I were on my bus for a while, we were in Dallas after a gig we had played and Dime and Vinnie both came out to the show and afterwards we just got really torn up. Dime gave me this little mini-guitar and I gave him a leather jacket. Then I opened the door to his -- we were in an Escalade at the end of it just listening to some tunes and stuff and I hurled. It was pure straight Jack Daniels, then the first thing he does is, 'Here, wash it down with a little Jack Daniels,' and I did. And the next day in Corpus Christi I called him and he left me a message and I left him one and it was just, hurtin' for certain."

Reflecting on the experience of recording with Dimebag, Chad recalled, "We had him play guitar solo on this thing when we did. It was us, Kid Rock and we did 'Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting' and Dime played the solo on it. He's just such an amazing guitar player but even a more remarkable human being. Miss him desperately."

Dimebag's family also let Nickelback use one of his unreleased riffs on their track 'Side of a Bullet.'

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