Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger, or The Kroeg, if you will, has a few signature moves when performing, and no, we're not talking about his sex-soaked lyrical puns or the way he bends his legs at the knees while rocking the hell out. Instead, he tosses his head back and lets out the most primal of roars. Rawr!

Luckily, you can watch several clips of The Kroeg's head-tossing, mouth-screaming fun, thanks to this 45-second video. It's a collection of scream clips that begs to be rewound, over and over and over again.

Avril Lavigne, the singer's fellow Canadian fiancee, would be proud. No, we're not going "there" and wonder what kinda scream she lets out when she sees him naked. That's best left unsaid. But then again, we sorta did say it...

Watch Chad Kroeger Screaming for 45 seconds

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