As previously reported, drummer Nick Menza is not a part of the new lineup for Megadeth’s next album and tour. Menza had issued a statement via his management explaining why he didn’t rejoin the group. The drummer said he wanted to work with the band on their upcoming efforts but that he “was offered a very unfair deal that was so wrong” from the group. He was then cut out of their lives when he tried to renegotiate the deal.

In a chat with Heavy Metal Thrash's Sickroom podcast (as transcribed by Brave Words), gives more insight into the failed negotiations. “They send this ridiculous proposal which pretty much said, 'You're not going to get paid until the touring', so basically I was going to be working on the new record for free, but then I had intended on leaning towards that anyway and then I thought to myself I'm not going to break, I'm not going to sell myself short for something that is going to be huge, you know.”

Menza went on, “They gotta realize the longevity of it, and then the whole thing just became silly, I didn't even get a chance to negotiate about anything, they just cut it off and said 'that's it' and afterwards I couldn't get hold of Dave [Mustaine] or anybody, he blocked my emails.”

While Menza is upset about what went down, he told the outlet that he still has love for his former group. He explained, “The reason why I refused to join Megadeth is because Dave [Mustaine] didn't show me any kind of 'love' at all, I wish I was doing it, but they didn't want to show me any contract in writing or anything, I guess it was just not meant to be. I still love to jam to Megadeth songs." Check out the first part of the podcast above, and the second part below.

Menza served as the drummer for Megadeth for nine years, starting in 1989 for Rust in Peace. He reunited with the group for a short time in 2004, but was fired after several rehearsals. It was previously rumored that he would be the replacement for Shawn Drover, who left Megadeth last fall. However, Lamb of God's Chris Adler was given the drumsticks to keep the beat for the group in the studio, while the band's touring drummer is not yet known. The current lineup of Megadeth are working on new music and touring plans.

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