Dave Mustaine recently released the new memoir Rust in Peace, looking back on the creation of the legendary thrash album. However, in a new social media post, Nick Menza’s manager claims some of the content in the memoir is “fabricated bullshit” and a “betrayal” to the late drummer.

Menza was part of Megadeth’s most acclaimed lineup, which lasted from Rust in Peace to Cryptic Writings. A reunion of the Friedman/Menza lineup was considered for Rust in Peace’s 20th anniversary, but according to Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson, numerous issues halted negotiations, including Menza’s playing and monetary demands.

Though specifics have not yet been revealed, Nick Menza’s social media manager Robert Bolger wrote a statement criticizing the Rust in Peace book and Mustaine’s treatment of Menza:

I'm going to keep this short, brief and to the point without tea bagging anyone in the processes, just how Nick would have wanted it! Some of the content that's published in that book and in the press about Nick is fabricated bullshit to try and sell copies, nothing more, nothing less!
The Menza family wasn't even aware of any book being in the works, asked to comment or even offered a copy, i wonder why. Dave and Junior were NOT good friends of Nick no matter what they say now that Nick’s not here to answer what’s being said about him. Dave wasn't very nice to Nick towards the end before his passing...
This act of betrayal is a huge blow to Nick, his family, friends and fans. I have all the documented proof, from e-mails to text messages that was never published in Nick's book out of respect for the integrity and legacy of the band. The truth will be displayed in a two segments of the official Nick Menza documentary that's in the works. YOU WILL NEVER DIMINISH NICK'S LEGACY - RIP NICK MENZA

"Nick said some shitty things about me at the end, especially to you guys and to Blabbermouth, where he would just wail on me," Mustaine recently told Loudwire. "And I would think, 'Nick, why are you doing this? I never did anything to you. I'm always fighting for you."

"I wanted things to work out with Nick. And then in fact, I even said, 'You know what? If it's not gonna work with him playing in the studio, let's have somebody else go into the studio and play, and then we can have Nick play live.' I was bending over backwards to get a place for Nick. And then he said he wanted this exorbitant amount of cash to work for us and to be able to sell all kinds of merchandise that he had."

Click here to grab a copy of Dave Mustaine's Rust in Peace memoir.

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