Zoroaster - 'Voice Of Saturn' - Terminal Doom Records
Carrying in the ranks of notable psychedelic / experimental / sludge acts including Torche, Mastodon, and High On Fire Atlanta, GA's, Zoroaster releases their follow up album this week on Terminal Doom. Deemed Atlanta's "loudest band" and including vocals by Mastodon's very own Brent Hinds, consider yourself forewarned.
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The Agonist - 'Lullabies For A Dormant Mind' - Century Media Records
O' Canada... thank you for combining the key elements of classical melodies and tech metal with a gorgeous female frontman. Their latest album produced by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Mythosis) carries elegance with ferocity.
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Dope - 'No Regrets' - Koch Records
They've spun us right round once before and the Chicago, Illinois quartet return to release their fifth studio album this week. For nu metal and industrial fans, this is a must buy for the collection.
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The Funeral Pyre - 'December EP' - Creator-Destructor Records
La Hambra, CA's black / death melodic metal quartet is rising from the depths of the underground realm and surfacing this week with their 3rd EP. For fans of deathcore bands including Cryptopsy and Whitechapel this EP is sure to please the metal masses.
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The Number Twelve Looks Like You - 'Worse Than Alone' - Eyeball Records
Carrying a wide array of mathcore and progressive / avant-garde metal in their fourth studio release Bergen County, NJ's Number Twelve Looks Like You can only be compared as the love child of early Dillinger Escape Plan and Psyopus. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself. Download The Number Twelve Looks Like You Songs | Buy The Number Twelve Looks Like You CDs