Entering into the first week of September, Noisecreep starts the month off with some amazing releases and notable debuts on the charts from the week prior. Reported by the good folks at Metal Insider, the projected 10-15,000 units sold was damn near spot on with Victory's Otep pulling in the highest debut, with 10,400 albums sold. As well, labelmates Emmure roped in a #60 debut on the charts, with 7,800 sold, followed by those outer space aliens we've come to know and love as Gwar, hitting #96 on the charts -- and marking their first-time debut on the charts. Can we expect more metal to make an impact this go-round? Well why don't we first tell you what to look forward to in retail stores this week.

MadLove -- 'White With Foam'-- Ipecac
Joining from various parts of the worl,d including Iceland, Korea, and our beloved Brooklyn, N.Y., the debut album from MadLove is available this week from Ipecac Recordings. With an assortment of distortions, chords and melodies, Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungle/Fantomas fame has played an active role in this debut release. So be sure to scope it out this week.
Download 'White With Foam'

Black Anvil -- 'Time Insults The Mind' -- Relapse
There's nothing more beautiful than seeing black metal and thrash harmonize together, so it was inevitable that some good words had to be written up about New York-based Black Anvil. Their newest release on Relapse Records has shrill screams in the background of each track, while keeping the tempo of the songs fast paced. Soon joining up with Mantic Ritual and Nachtmystium on the road. Don't pass up the opportunity to purchase this album this week.
Download 'Time Insults the Mind'

The Used -- 'Artwork' -- Reprise
Another release out in stores this week hails from Orem, Utah's the Used, with their latest effort on Reprise. Fueled with punk anthems and heavy drum beats from beginning to end, I'm opting to say that those Warped Tour attendees would be very pleased with the end result. This album could even draw in some of the metal fan base. Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself, and purcahse a copy this week.
Download 'Artwork'

Dirge Within -- 'Force Fed Lies' -- E1 Entertainment
Along with these amazing releases, another notable album out in stores this week comes from Chicago quintet Dirge Within. Containing infectious melodies and intense shredding from their title track to other favorites, such as 'Forever the Martyr,' this album is well-rounded and can attract a variety of metalheads.

Celan -- 'Halo' -- Mainstream On Exile
Tapping into Berlin, Germany, we also checked out the debut from Celan this week -- including members of Unsane and Oxbow. Stoner rock and experimental metalheads, this is an album not to pass up as the band draws in fluid elements of noise, distortion and dirty melodies track after track.

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