Daath - 'The Concealers' - Century Media
Under a worldwide partnership with metal moguls Roadrunner Records and Century Media, nothing can stop this week's release from the Atlanta, Georgia based Daath. Their latest album, produced and mixed by Jason Suecof and Mark Lewis (All That Remains, DevilDriver), collaborates the ensembles hair raising riffs, gutteral screams and the heavy impact drums of Kevin Talley. For Bodom, Slipknot, or Chimaira fans you don't want to pass this up.
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Chimaira - 'The Infection' - Ferret
The frenzy is spreading this week as Cleveland, Ohio's Chimaira unleashes the fury of 'The Infection!' With sheer intensity back to back on the album, their fifth studio release from Ferret music is not for the faint at heart. With vocals and musicianship that bears resemblance to such classics as Slayer and Carcass they pay tribute without ever straying from their own individual sound.
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Endwell - 'Consequences' - Mediaskare
Getting right into your face this week on the releases leave it to Queens, New York's Endwell to take hardcore down a new avenue. This release titled 'Consequences' leaves the impression of a heavier This Is Hell shaken (not stirred) with some melodic undertones. If you can two step and headbang with the slightest of ease, then this is an album you can't pass up.
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Burning Human - 'Resurrection Through Fire' - Koch
Bringing old school death metal to the forefront, another must have from this week's releases comes from Koch Entertainment's Burning Human. With the ever popular Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall) on drum duties 'Resurrection Through Fire' overall reminisces to an era in metal where such greats as Death and Possessed made their humble beginnings. For a taste of the classic metal in the 21st century, this is indeed an album worth purchasing.
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Lacuna Coil - 'Shallow Life' - Century Media
Taking a trip over to Italy - the Milan gothic metal outfit Lacuna Coil releases their fifth full length album this week from Century Media. In true Lacuna Coil form, 'Shallow Life' takes elements of past albums and heightens the intensity of both their lyrical content and sound this time around to leave both a lasting impression and meaning behind each new track. For fans of Nightwish and Within Temptation, become captivated with their latest release.
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