Animals As Leaders - 'S/T' - Prosthetic Records
As Obama has brought change into Washington D.C., this week we've got a band that's also bringing a change of sound to the metal realm as we know it. Coming to you from Prosthetic Records, the band's self-titled album includes former Reflux guitarist Tosin Abasi. To all those who know what this man can do with a Steve Vai Universal guitar, you know he's bringing a creative angle to experimental metal as we know it so be sure to pick up a copy of their album this week.

Birds Of Prey - 'The Hell Preacher' - Relapse Records
As Relapse predominantly brings fourth a lot of influential grindcore to the scene, this week the label is releasing some death metal to the masses. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia the death metal quintet bring you some obscenity, grit, grime and every other dirty adjective I can think of. Joining the band as well is Municipal Waste's Dave Witte so if you want to hear something that's so far from thrash (but just as good) be sure to check out 'The Hell Preacher' this week.
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God Dethroned - 'Passiondale' - Metal Blade Records
Already released in Europe, the U.S. no longer has to wait for the newest from the Netherlands' God Dethroned. Having been worked on in mid 2008, 'Passiondale' is now available to you this week. For a healthy dose of European black metal meshed with death and thrash, do yourself a favor and pick up 'Passiondale'.
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Lord Mantis - 'Spawning The Nephilim' - Seventh Rule Recordings
You know, I never give Chicago, Illinois all that much credit but this week we salute the windy city for a little band I've come to know and love called Lord Mantis. With 'Spawning The Nephilim' dropping this week, the album was mixed by Sanford Parker who gets mucho credit for his magic in Lair Of The Minotaur. So for fans of a progressive / sludge sound jump on this opportunity and pick up this album!

War From A Harlots Mouth - 'In Shoals' - Lifeforce Records
This week my Noisecreep MVP award for sure goes to Berlin, Germany's War From A Harlots Mouth for the cluster of grind, hardcore and a tiny dash of jazz that they call 'In Shoals'. Breaking boundaries, borders and dividing lines I honestly tried to find artists whose sounds resembles them and I've been left in a stupor. All I know and all you need to know is that 'In Shoals' is a breath of fresh air and a new sound to take in an enjoy so don't miss out.