The only way to coast through the blazing, oppressive August heat is to either go surfing in the ocean, use an industrial powered air conditioner and crank up some of the best tunes the metal world has to offer. This month marks several 'returns' from acts that have not released anything in the past handful of years, including Black Label Society and Murderdolls, the latter of which is the horror rock project of Slipknot's Joey Jordison which had had been dormant since 2002.

Iron Maiden also soar back into our lives with 'The Final Frontier,' which they advanced with a full arena tour earlier this summer. The Sword also bring back their vintage, dirty rock with 'Warp Riders.'

August 3, 2010

Fleshwrought -- 'Dementia/Dyslexia' (Metal Blade)

Horseback -- 'The Invisible Mountain' (Relapse)

Votum -- 'Metafiction' (Armoury)

August 10, 2010

Black Label Society -- 'Order of the Black' (E1)

Blood Of Kingu -- 'Sun In the House of the Scorpion' (Candlelight)

Bonded By Blood -- 'Exiled to Earth' (Earache)

Divinity -- 'The Singularity' (Candlelight)

Godflesh -- 'Streetcleaner Re-Release' (Earache)

Hawkwind -- 'Blood of the Earth' (Eastworld)

Ion Dissonance -- 'Cursed' (Century Media)

Kreator -- 'Hordes of Chaos Ultra Riot Edition' (SPV)

Negura Bunget -- 'Vîrstele Pamîntului' (MVD)

Pro-Pain -- 'Absolute Power' (Regain)

Rain -- 'Dad Is Dead' (MVD)

Waking The Cadaver -- 'Beyond Cops Beyond God' (Siege of Amida)

Yaotl Mictlan -- 'Dentro del Manto Gris de Chaac' (Candlelight)

August 17, 2010

The Last Felony -- 'Too Many Humans' (Lifeforce)

Iron Maiden -- 'The Final Frontier' (Universal)

Orbs -- 'Asleep Next to Science' (Equal Vision)

Return To Earth -- 'Automata' (Metal Blade)

August 24, 2010

Apocalyptica -- '7th Symphony' (Jive)

Blind Guardian -- 'At the Edge of Time' (Nuclear Blast)

City Of Fire -- 'City of Fire' (Candlelight)

Sarah Jezebel Deva -- 'A Sign of Sublime' (Candlelight)

Ion Dissonance -- 'Cursed' (Century Media)

Kataklysm -- 'Heaven's Venom' (Nuclear Blast)

The Showdown -- 'Blood in the Gears' (Solid State)

Malevolent Creation -- 'Invidious Dominion' (Nuclear Blast)

The Sword -- 'Warp Riders' (Kemado)

Trigger the Bloodshed -- 'Degenerate' (Candlelight)

August 31, 2010

The Contortionist -- 'Exoplanet' (Good Fight)

Liv Kristine -- 'Skintight' (Napalm)

Murderdolls – Women and Children Last' (Roadrunner)

The Other -- New Blood (SPV)

Neurosis -- 'Enemy of the Sun Re-Release' (Neurot)

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