In a post on their official website last night, New Found Glory revealed that Best Coast chanteuse Bethany Cosentino will be appearing on their next album:

"Today our friend Bethany from the band Best Coast came into the studio and sang vocals on one of our new songs! We are totally pumped to have her guest on our record. We have been big fans of her band for a while now. We met Best Coast through the power of Twitter. The story goes, I wanted to get in to see their sold out show at the Troubador and didn't have a ticket. I tweeted them half kidding about putting me on the guest list! Come to find out they were NFG fans and totally hooked me up. Since then we've been buds! It's refreshing when you meet a band you love that inspires you and they are actually cool people too! If you haven't heard their newer album "Crazy for You" yet you are truly missing out. It rules!"

This time out, the pop punk stalwarts reunited with Neil Avron who had also previously produced their 'New Found Glory' [2000], 'Sticks and Stones' [2002], and 'Catalyst' [2004]', albums. New Found Glory previously announced 'Radiosurgery' as the title of the record which is expected to hit stores in the fall via Epitaph.

"I wanted to go back to more of the roots of punk rock and pop punk and put a whole new NFG spin on it. So imagine Green Day's 'Dookie,' the Ramones, maybe even a little of Rancid's 'Let's Go,' all thrown into a pot of NFG. The record goes from song to song never letting up the energy," said New Found Glory guitarist and songwriter in another statement on the band's site.

Watch New Found Glory's 'Hold My Hand' from AOL Sessions

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