Bullet for my Valentine

The new Bullet for My Valentine track 'Your Betrayal' is a pretty good microcosm for the rest of the album. The track, which was recently posted on the band's MySpace, exhibits the band downplaying their thrash roots and heading in a more commercial metal direction. At the same time, the songs are tight and polished and the riffs are well thought out.

"Everything's the best it could possibly be and there's no compromise, whereas in the past we would just stop when we felt something was good enough," Tuck told Noisecreep. "There are some elements of the thrash sound we had on 'Scream Aim Fire,' but we didn't stop at that. When we did 'Scream Aim Fire,' I was going through such hell with my vocals, so we did the best we could. This time I was able to do so much more with my voice, and the songs reflect that."

'The Fever' was produced by Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Good Charlotte) and features 11 songs including 'Pleasure and Pain,' 'Breaking Out, Breaking Down,' 'Begging for Mercy,' 'Pretty on the Outside' and the title track.

While working with Gilmore was productive, it wasn't always easy. "Along the way there were numerous fights with Don, and I actually walked out on a couple occasions," Tuck said. "He pushed me like I've never been pushed before. We spent five days writing one song, which I didn't understand and I was really upset about. It was really frustrating, but in the end, the results he got were incredible."