Behemoth's 2014 album The Satanist was very well received and landed on numerous "Best of 2014" lists, including at the very top of Loudwire's list. However, fans might have to wait a while for a follow-up, if one ever comes at all.

In an interview at the recent Inferno Festival in Norway that you can watch above, frontman Nergal talked about the response to The Satanist and how that might affect the timing of a new album. "I just had this feeling this is definitely our opus magnum," Nergal says. "I'm not sure if it should be continued after such a… I'm just being honest here. I'm so happy with the record and the response and everything."

Nergal continues, "It's been a year now, and I haven't really done any extreme metal music ever since, because I'm so happy with what's happening now. So we're just gonna give it some time. And let's just talk one or two years down the road and see what happens then. But we're definitely gonna take time."

There will be plenty of opportunities to see Behemoth live, according to Nergal: "We've toured our asses off and we'll keep touring through the end of the year, 2015, and possibly 2016, as well. So a lot of touring ahead, a lot of great projects and ideas that are being born around the record."

A couple of those projects are books. In February, the official Behemoth biography Devil's Conquistadors was released. The English language version Nergal's autobiography Confessions of a Heretic: The Sacred and the Profane: Behemoth and Beyond just hit the shelves at the end of March. Nergal is also working on an acoustic project. He described it as stripped-down and simple, but didn't reveal any more details.