Amen vocalist and notorious black metal fan Casey Chaos has been announced as a special guest on Necrophagia's newest ominous opus, 'Deathtrip 69.' Maniac, formerly of Mayhem and now a member of Skitliv, also guests on the album. Given the fact that Necrophagia leader Killjoy has known both vocalists for a quarter of a century, pooling their talents for the new album was a no-brainer.

"I've known Casey and Maniac both for over 25 years, since we were all teenagers," Killjoy recently told Noisecreep. "Both are very close friends. I chose to work with them because I consider them the best at what they do in their respective genres. Casey is the best punk vocalist on the scene today, and Maniac is easily the best vocalist in all of black metal. I worked with him many times in our old band Wurdulak."

Neither Casey Chaos nor Maniac came into the studio to cut their vocals, instead choosing to send their vocal tracks digitally. "Neither recorded their parts in the studio with us, but that would have been a blast for sure because as I said they are both very close friends," Killjoy said.

Killjoy says that favorite song on 'Deathtrip 69' is 'Suffering Comes in Sixes,' which he labels "the most aggressive song in our career. It's not an easy song to play as it was originally written, but our drummer Shawn kept playing certain parts faster and faster, and when we got to the studio, he was truly in rare form. Those parts were recorded way faster than we originally had intended. Boris was definitely not amused at first because it was already a real ball breaker to play, but being the true perfectionist Boris is, he just sucked it up and adjusted and played the song brilliantly."

Vocally the song is a challenge as well. According to Killjoy, the song "has about four very distinct vocal styles that are at different pitches, and they change suddenly and sometimes almost overlap. It's a lot of effort on everyone's part to nail that song."

'Deathtrip 69' is out now via Season of Mist.

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