Now that's what we call irony. Crawdaddy has reported a rumor that Napster founder Sean Parker, played by Justin Timberlake in 'The Social Network' movie, is engaging in discussions with investors to purchase Warner Music Group, the parent company of Metallica's record label.

Music fans will recall that Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich waged a war on Napster in 2000 by suing the file sharing service. Ulrich got really hot and bothered when a Metallica demo leaked on Napster and was subsequently aired on the radio. Ulrich then uncovered the fact that the band's entire catalog was being shared amongst Napster's users without payment to the band.

The mighty M quickly jumped to action and sued Napster, which eventually paid a hefty sum to the band. Regardless, Parker is still rich and if he buys WMG, that means he's technically Lars Ulrich's boss.

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