Mark "Barney" Greenway will probably never move to North Carolina, but if he does, he'll be able to get married. In an interview with "Scary Terry's Saturday Nightmare" radio show, the Napalm Death frontman let it be known that he's not gay, contrary to what people might think.

The topic of Greenway's sexuality came up when Terry asked the British grindcore legend what question he's always hoped someone would ask. When he responded, "Are you gay?" Terry took the bait and asked him whether he's homosexual.

"No, I'm not, but there's lots of rumors about me out there," Greenway said. "I mean, not that it matters. I find it quite amusing; I'm deeply touched by that, actually. Yeah, I think people sort of put two and two together and make five."

Greenway added that he's "always been very open about things like sexuality," and that as a result, people "assume that you're gay." In the audio clip of the interview posted on, Greenway doesn't sound offended by the presumption, but he wishes folks would simply ask about his preference.

"People shouldn't be afraid of discussing stuff like that openly," he said.

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