'Tis the season for musicians getting pissed at interviewers. Things don’t always go as planned when artists and journalists collide, so we’ve rounded up some of the most heated moments from rock and metal interviews.

Slipknot found themselves in a bizarre position while walking the carpet for the Grammys in 2006. A correspondent for The Tonight Show managed to get some time with the band, pissing Clown off with dumb questions about the band’s masks. The interview culminated with Clown calling the man a “jackass” and no-selling his questions.

The acclaimed documentary Beware of Mr. Baker revealed a never-before-seen side of Cream drumming legend Ginger Baker. The loose cannon musician ended up assaulting his documentarian, breaking the man’s nose with a thrust of his trusty cane. The ordeal was all caught on film, creating the perfect climax for a study into the mind of Ginger Baker.

What’s more terrifying than getting chewed out by a musician? Dead silence. Former Gorgoroth vocalist Gaahl turned against a Vice interviewer in a split second after one bad sentence. As Gaahl realized everything he’d been trying to convey was being missed or ignored, he simply stared off into the distance for an uncomfortably long time before turning to the journalist and taking a sip of wine.

Check out these Musicians Getting Heated With Interviewers in the Loud List below.

Musicians Getting Heated With Interviewers

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